LED Light Therapy



Pain Management Like Never Before: Improve Your Quality of Life Today!

Invasion-Free Treatments that Truly Work!

Pain is no laughing matter. Treatments abound but few, if any, are as effective as LED therapy.

First developed to assist astronauts’ wound recuperation and wellbeing, this space-age technology is now popularly available.

See for yourself how an LED regime can stifle pain, improve health, and enhance your looks!

Those suffering chronic pain typically default to medication or corrective surgery. A proven alternative, LED therapy is a non-intrusive option that stands out.

Our regimens offer relief standalone or as an accompaniment to your overall pain relief regimen. How it works is very simple: cellular rejuvenation.

LED light therapy has improved tremendously over the decades. Its primary mechanism, nitrous oxide displacement, remains the same. Through it cells enjoy far greater oxygenation, improving activity and mitochondrial regeneration.

Targeting pain points and injuries, meanwhile, has become vastly more precise. Now we can pinpoint the LEDs’ focus to truly aid recovery and ease chronic pain.

Sports Injury Recuperation

Used by athletes worldwide, LED light therapy has a great effect on recuperation. Sportspeople not only can get back to training and competition quicker, they can do so with greater ease than ever before.

We also have to mention LED therapy is proven to enhance anaerobic performance!

Ease of Mobility Gains

Mobility is easy to overlook until one loses it. Chronic pain is one of the most consistent impediments to moving with ease, let alone working out.

Our LED therapy enables recipients to once again walk, carry objects, use fine motor tasks, etc. without the impediment of discomfort or pain.

It’s not just a game changer, It’s a whole new game…

LED Light Therapy Pain Management

A cellular regenerator, LED therapy works to ease pain from numerous conditions! Six-week regimens have helped with:

– Inflammatory osteoporosis
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Arthritis
– Inflammation
– Back and neck misalignment/pain
– Diabetic ulcers

Get back to living the best life you can! Improve range of motion, exercise capabilities, and overall healing through our clinically proven regimen. Patrons joke they can practically see the results thanks to LED’s beneficial cosmetic effects.

Bring back your A-game, or merely enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to this breakthrough therapy!

“Working in construction, I’ve been dealing with back pain for as long as I can remember. Since coming to A Newer You, my pain level has substantially subsided, I’ve lost weight and have so much more energy. Everyone there are easy to talk to, friendly and full of knowledge. Definitely recommended.”

Rodney Gillaspy