LED Light Therapy



Lose Fat Like Never Before!

A mere six weeks of treatment sheds inches and pounds…

The Newest Proven Way to Burn Fat and Look Your Best!

Feeling your best is an outlook…and a science! Effective for every lifestyle, LED light therapy is a breakthrough treatment that boosts health and wellbeing while burning lipids.

Both health experts and cosmetologists are recommending the therapy in growing numbers. Enjoy unmatched fat loss and body toning as well as unique health benefits.

LED light therapy is FDA-cleared and clinically certified. Try it standalone or as an accompaniment to your regular workout routine! Shape yourself according to your needs!

Fast, Measurable Results for a Revitalized You!

LED light therapy operates on a cellular level to burn fat and rejuvenate skin. How? Nitrous oxide release. Nitrous oxide is a natural byproduct of mitochondria; cells that regulate your metabolism. Displacing the nitrous oxide, in turn, reinvigorates cellular activity and repair. This greater breathability, in turn, reduces lipids and has the same impact as training muscle.

Effects permeate from the skin all the way to your anaerobic system. A mere six weeks of treatment sheds inches off the waist, increases athletic capability, and relieves chronic pain!

NASA originally developed LED THERAPY for shuttle missions. Our LED Body Contouring system is using this same technology to produce amazing results – reducing stubborn fat.

Technology and Expertise You Can Count On!

Our therapies enable you to truly make the most of these benefits. Combining advanced software with the latest LED light systems available, patrons can:

– Target areas you need the most
– Track your progress
– Consult with health specialists and medical experts
– Maximize therapy benefits through supplementary treatments

Fat loss and skin rejuvenation are the main results. Greater cellular respiration, meanwhile, further effects muscle mass as if being exercised. Vibration therapies, featured in renowned spas and clinics worldwide, are particularly excellent to further tone muscle and encourage fat loss. We recommend ten minutes of such for every 20 to 30-minute LED session.

The most pleasant weight loss I’ve ever experienced. I lost inches from my waist and a half inch from my thighs as well as the shrinking of a cyst I’ve had in my thigh muscle.

– Dani G. – Moorpark, CA

Health Benefits Beyond Generic Workout Routines!

Fat loss? Awesome! An increased metabolism? Yes, please! Greater muscle tone? Of course! They’re also just the first few benefits of LED therapy! Effects also include:

– Skin tightening
– Wrinkle, scar, and cellulite reduction
– Cellular regeneration and anti-aging
– Ease of chronic pain and mobility issues
– Greater anaerobic capability
– Recovery from procedures or sports industries

Talk about a standout therapeutic advancement! Far from just creating the appearance of fitness, LED light therapy truly augments health and quality of life.

This place has given me my life back! The staff is always bubbling with enthusiasm and kindness. It makes my day when I visit. The lights absolutely work. I lost 5 inches around my waist in 5 or 6 weeks!

– Michelle Ramsey

See for Yourself How LED Light Therapy Makes a Difference in How You Look and Feel!

Transitioning to a Healthier, Fitter, Newer You is Only an Appointment Away!